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Shenzhen Entern Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.


Add: Building K1, Nanhu Industrial Zone, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China


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About Us


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1) Strength ,Confience Guaranteed


Shenzhen Entern Sanitary ware Co., Ltd. is one of branch companies of Shenzhen Romanjoy Commercial Company, specializing in design, manufacuring and sales for middle & top grade bathroom accessories. 

Its mother company Romanjoy company is engaging in decorated materials , fine furniture chain store markets, real estate development and hotel etcs fields, a honour & respected company in China . Entert depent on Romanjoy capital ,advanced design development androboticized manufaturing , is now to be the first--selection brand product .


2) Excellent Quality Guaranteed


Best pure brass is adopted to selecte according to standad GB1176—87 , no harmful to health and holding back bacterias . Best brass need 2 coatings electroplating to 12—15um to make sure Sparkling like a mirror , and also our product inspected more than 20 times by extremely strict QC procedure.


3) Optimization Grouping Accessories


Every series product design is being considered human being habits . Robe hook , paper holder , towel ring and glass shelf etcs products is suited to different environment and human nature needed .and also coordination of design style.


4) Different Design Style


Entern is particular about details , all of series come frome famous master . who introduced the most fashionable Europe design style ,and also combined with tradition chinese arts . Created exotic romance bathroom word in order to different person.


5) Specialized Design


Not noly excellent design ,but also avoiding unexpected . All right-angles to be rounded . Meanwhile , we will consider operation instruction and maintenance.


6) Entern Mother Comany Romanjoy brief introduction